John 17:22-26 The Christian Hope [sermon draft]

Read John  17:22-26

-Consider Jesus’ physical absence, 14:1-4, 17:13a, This posed the Disciples’ with a problem, no Jesus! He is not with us anymore! He ascended into heaven!

Imagine: canot ask questions, no miracle,s no parables, no lectures, no more firiendship, fellowship, not face to face,

-Q: How did God overcome the dilemma?

-A: They had the hope!

-the firm foundation of Christ

-the promise of the return of Christ

-their union with Christ and

– Jesus’ continual indwelling through the Holy Spirit!

Ill: Hypothetical Question… Q: What if you knew your destiny?

-Q: how would that effect your actions?

–              -Imagine: something good comeing about, certainty though dark now you can pull through, you can prepare, maybe even spur it on!

-Imagine: something terrible is coming your way, you can avoid it, prepare for it, and change before it comes about…

>>>It would be a total “Game changer!”

Ill: Like Ebenezer Scrooge who was told the dark and deadly end of the path which he tread in life.. When Jacob Marley says to him when he asked about his chains, “My chains I forged in life. You wear such a chain yourself. Would you not change, you cannot help to avoid the path I now tread”

Ultimately, this is true, we tread a path that leads to death! Prob 8:58, “He who disobeys me loves death”

Main Point: Hope! Have the Hope! Have the Christian Hope!

Definition: Hope:

Not wishful thinking! I wish, I wish upon a Star… threw a coin in the fountain! I wish!

Faith in God’s promises in Jesus!

It is all wrapped up in Jesus!

Need B/c-We too, live in the age between Christ’s two advents, we live in the same tension, and we live this life in light of the truth of the Chrisstian hope….

Need B/c- This certain hope changes your perspective on life! From what is moderately important to what is ultimately important! We don’t want to waste our life frittering away on the basics of day to day living as if they will last forever! Living for the most toys!

Main Q: What is the Christian hope? What are God’s promises in Jesus?

Notice first, in verse 23b God the Father “Loves” the Son, the Father Loves Jesus! Also notice that in verse 24b, The Father Loved Jesus outside of time, “before the foundations of the world!” Here we get a glimpse into the innerworkings of the eternal Trinity. The Son always is loved by the Father, because he always obeys, always does what he commands, like a father to a son, but Jesus is the perfect Son!

Notice also that in His incarnation Jesus in the flesh accomplished God’s will, 4-5, and God rewarded him! Remember that in Phil 1:8 Paul tells us that Jesus was obedient to the Father when he went to the cross! And in verses 9-11 he tells us that as a result God gave him his Glory! In Isaiah 53, God told Israel about the messiah, “As a result of the anguish of his soul he would divide the spoils of war with his brothers…”

This brings us to our first point, Q: What is the Christian hope?

1)      Jesus is the Firm Foundation!

Salvation is all wrapped up in Jesus! God took salvation into his own hands!

Ill: This is like when your standing on firm ground, you can trust that ground. When you walk around on sidewalk, that is firm ground, when you walk around on the beach, there is sinking and sloshing sand.

Jesus is the firm ground!  And since He is the firm Ground, we have confidence that our salvation cannot be shaken! Nothing can separate from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus!

Salvation is all wrapped up in Jesus, not our works, not our worth! Jesus did what the Son of God does, he earned Glory! He did it all!

Segue: Not only is Jesus the firm foundation, notice how Jesus is our identity!

In Verse 21 he prays for the believers who are in union with him. We are one, “United” in a mysterious way, we identify with Jesus! In verse 22 Jesus gives us his Glory! So, Union with Christ means that what he accomplished becomes ours. He is our identity!

23, We have unity with one another b/c of Jesus

24, God glorifies us b/c of Jesus!

26, God the Father Loves us because of Jesus!

25-26a We have a mission to the world because Jesus is on mission to the world!

Ill: John 4, enter the harvest for which someone else labored. He did all the work, and we reap all the fruits! This is true of missions, and true of obedience, and true of fiath, and true of perseverance, and every part of the Christian life!

2.) Our Identity is in Christ!  

b/c Jesus is our identity, our hope is secure! Because nothing rests on us!

-Piety, morality, he Christian life, culture war, accomplishemnts, they are all Jesus’!

Ill: Vine and the branches, “apart from me you can to nothing!”

Jesus did it all on our behalf! He planted, he watered, he pulled the weeds, day in and day out, and we come in after it is done and he says, “Reap! For the Harvest is ripe!”

Ill:  Imagine, it is as if you were baptized by the Holy Spirit in River Jordan, resisted the Devil in the wilderness, walked the land of Palestine and preached, performed miracles, gave the parables, performed life in perfect righteousness, walked the road to Jerusalem to face death, bravely went with those soldiers and were mocked, beaten, scourged, the flesh ripped from your back, and the cross placed on your back, the nails driven into your hands, and hear the clank of the hammer and the crushing of the bones! Imagine you were rising from the dead in an immortal body, different, glowing with glory, rose up of the ground and ascended into heaven!

Yet you very well know you didn’t! But, b/c we get our identity from Christ, God does not look at us in the court of judgment and see a sinner, he sees us in Jesus!

Have the hope! Have the Christian Hope.. Jesus is the foundation, and you take on his identity!

What will you do on judgment day? Will you rehearse a plan? Will you prepare a statement defending your way of life? Will you plan to point to things you did? Your accomplishments?

I plan to hide behind Jesus, and stay out of sight, because that is all I want anyone to see on that day!

Segue: not only is Jesus the firm foundation, and Chrisian identity, but he is also the Destiny!

Notice in verse 24, the goal of Jesus’ prayer is our glory, and seeing him in his glory! Now, the Bible teaches that no one sees God and lives! (Exo 33:20, Job 24:15, Judges 13). John 1:18 tells us that “Noone has seen God at any time, except the only Beggotten son of God who made him known.” So how can we see God’s glory? God the Son took on flesh forever! John 1:14 tells us that “The Word became flesh, and we beheld his glory!” Rev 22:4 says that “We shall see his face!” I.e. we will see him face to face! Real in the flesh!

Imagine how one day you will wake up from the dead in your physical body, never dying, never tiring, able to run as fast as you can without fatigue, able to think as hard as you can with frustration! Able to enjoy creation without sin! That is our destiny!

3.) We have a Destiny in Christ!

The Christian hope is your destiny in the final resurrection of the body!

Paul tells us how, “We have all blessings in heavenly places in Christ!” (Eph 1:2), “[We] have a hope reserved for us in heaven!” (Col 1:5).

Peter described the hope as “to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, reserved in heaven for you” (1Pt 1:4).

Jesus reserved this for you! If you trust in him, this is your destiny in Him!

Ill: not like a restaurant that may give away your reservation, when Jesus makes reservations, they keep! Not like an airline which may overbook, or hotel, or train!

No, Jesus reserves the future glory in his presence, face to face, forever!


Q: How valuable is the Hope to you?

Hypothetical Test: Q: How would knowing your destiny change your approach to life?

Q: How valuable was this hope to the Disiples?

Need b/c-This certain hope pulled them through those dark three days of Jesus in the tomb!

-It pulled them through imprisonments, wippings, mockings, trials, and death!

[make real] -you’d be thinking, God let me die! This is aweful!

This was near Paul’s heart when he wrote his dying words to Timothy “In the future, there is [reserved] for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give to me at that day; and not to me only, but also to all them that have loved his appearing.” (2Tim 4:8).

Point: Hope! Have the hope! The Christian Hope!

The Christian hope is not a wish. It is not “hope against the odds”

The Christian hope rests on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ! It rests in the promise of God!

“Where I am, there you will be also!”