Revelation 2-3 Jesus the Conqueror For and In the Church

Jesus the conqueror in the church.

In yesterday’s Sermon I used the mental image which is justified by the word of God in the vision of John 19:11ff which depicts the Lord Jesus as a conqueror, ridding on a white horse, suited in armor, with sword in mouth, and blood covering his robe. Jesus is more like Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings- cutting off the heads of his and our enemies with a scimitar. This mental image of Jesus (which comes from the OT) conveys God’s wrath on his enemies, while at the same time delivering the saints from their oppressors. Jesus on the cross defeated Satan, sin, death, and the fleshly old nature which remains in the Christian.

We need this image of Jesus as our hope in Christ, and help form Christ for escaping all remaining sin. When must learn to pray, “Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world,” and “Jesus Christ is Lord,” and “We are more than conquerors,” But we also must realize that Jesus the warrior, the victor, the conqueror is the image behind these words. Not only in the cross and resurrection which accomplished salvation, but also in applying that salvation to us everyday.  Jesus not only gained victory, but he actively wages war and fights in mortal combat with our sins.

We should teach our kids to pray, “Come Lord Jesus and slay my sin! Trample down the wine press of the great wrath of God upon my rebellion. Defeat the devil and his minions – the world and the flesh. Grant me freedom” by cutting down my sin. My sin is like an oppressor, slave-driver, who captures me a brings me into captivity to do its will. Come Lord Jesus, rescue! Break his jaw. Strike his neck with the sword of your mouth.”