Basics of Bible Study 1

Bible Study Basics 1 Exegesis Observations

Exegesis = bringing out the meaning from the text…

John 1:18,


ἐξηγέομαι exēgeomai; from G1537 and G2233; to show the way: – explained (2), relate (2), related (1), relating (1)

ek = out from…

ἡγέομαι, to lead or bring


Exegesis = to bring out the grammatical historical meaning of the text

Observational Exegesis:

Three Parts to Exegesis – Observe, Interpret, Apply

Observe: Grammar

Sentence Structure

Subject, Verb, Object, etc


Note: (Greek periodic sentences, bold verse  #s  in NASB)


***Break into groups work on text – Titus 1:1-4

At Home: Philemon

***You’ll need: Pen, Paper, Bible, and 30 minutes

Day One observe and breakdown into paragraphs

Subsequent Days – Work on one section each day

-Break down each paragraph into sentences. Label the sentences.

Example: Rom 1:1-7 Introduction to Romans

1. Paul’s Calling, 2-4 Paul’s Message, 5-7 Paul’s Mission