Romans 3:31 Life Giving Faith

Rom 3:31 Faith Establishing Works

Paraphrase: Now then: Do we nullify our obligation to the moral Law of God when we believe in Jesus-plus-nothing? May God never allow you to think that for one moment! On the contrary- When we believe in Jesus we establish a new relationship to the Law- without condemnation but still obligation.


  1. 1.   Intro to Topic:
  • Ex: Children of Chernobyl… deformed and cancerous b/c of DNA…
  • >>>DNA of Christian = Faith in Christ!!!
  • ***Deformed Christianity stemming from mistaken Gospel!
  • Topic: Free Grace Salvation v. Lordship Salvation
    • Q: Can you have Jesus as your savior but not Lord?
    • Legalism: Faith + Works =Salvation
    • Optionalism: Faith = Salvation – minus works
    • Lordship: Faith = Salvation and Works
  • Point: Convince and confirm you in Lordship Salvation!
  1. A Serious Concern [Building Tension]
  • The Concern [Personify Jews and Gentiles…]
    • Jews Object, “The Gentiles will run wild with this, Paul!”
      •  “Doctrine of “No Condemnation” lets people run wild!”
    • Gentiles Say, “Hey we just don’t add works to grace”
      •  “Hey we all sin all the time… What does this matter?
      • “I can do this sin, since God forgave me in Jesus…
      • “It’s all optional… I cannot lose my salvation anyway”
      • “Belief in Jeuss is for me, not following!”
      • ***If you say this in your heart you’ve not yet believed in Jesus in a saving way!
  • The Serious-ness [Personify detractors…]
    • Q; Does Paul Contradict Himself?
      • 3:31 versus 20-21, cf 27-28…
    • Q: Does Jesus contradict Paul?
      • >>>Luke 9:62 Jesus calls for Disipleship at all costs…
      • >>>Matt 7 Jesus condemned those who do not obey
  • Segue: How do we unravel this????
  1. 2.   The New Relationship
  • Paul’s Contradiction [Personify Paul]
    • 31b, “on the contrary…”
      • Contradicts the Greek and Jew..
    • > KJV, “God forbid”
    • Paraphrase>>>Aramaicism Divine passive, “May God never let…”
    • *No Matter how we unravel the issue, you must think this way!
  • The New Relationship
    • Key Word: “Establish”… Observe
    • a. Opposite of “Nullify”— Lordship relevant or irrelevant…
    • b. A Result of Faith in Jesus… “Thru faith”
    • c. Means = to start something new…
    • Saving Faith’s Two Equally True Realities
      • No Condemnation, Rom 3:28
      • New Obligation, Rom 3:31
  • Paul’s Equation: Faith= No Condemnation + Moral Obligation
    • Ex: My Paraphrase**
    • Q: How does Faith in Jesus Establish both?
  1. 3.   The Key in Jesus’ Death
  • Ex: Ask the kids… Sunday School answer…
  • In Jesus: No Condemnation  —  and New Obligation…
  • 6:1-4, Paul’s Answer to the same question…the death of Jesus
    • >>>He Died for our Sin, and We in Him Died to our Sin!
    • v. 2, Key = “Died to Sin” –severed relationship!
    • v. 3-5. Sacramentally Dead to sin
      • Ex: When Baptized the early church, “Renounced the work of the Devil…” b/c they understood the principle…
    • V. 6, Bonds of Slavery to sin broken!
      • Die unto = no relationship to it!
      • Ex: Hatfield and McCoys… McCoys’ daughter intended to marry a hatfield. “I had a daughter, but she died when she married a hatfield. She’s dead to me.”
  1. 4.   Conclusion:
  • Point: Convince and confirm you in the Lordship of Jesus!
  • The Equation: Faith = No Condemnation + Moral Obligation
  • Resolved>>>All Wrapped up in the Death of Jesus!
  • Q: Ben, is Faith in Jesus really going to make people moral?
  • Ex: Like Ebenezar Scrooge — who by fear of death acted better
  • >It would never work because Scrooge didn’t die in Christ
  • We died! That’s the difference! We have actually died with Christ!
  • Died for no condemnation, and died to sin!