Romans 4:16-25 The Model Justification of Abraham

Romans 4:16-25 The Justification of Abraham Our Example

  • Intro to Topic:
    • Faith: a heartfelt trust in a truth
    • Not– faiths… as in other religions…
    • Ex: Greeting cards… Multi-religion seasons greeting at holidays…
      • >>>Mutual exclusion….
      • >>>What you believe matters
      • ***This applies to Abraham’s Faith!
      • Intro to Text:
        • 22, What Abraham believed matters for salvation before God!
        • Our Example: 22-24, Written for our sake… our example…
        • Point: ***That We too may have salvation by faith!!!
        • Occasion: Paul used Abraham’s Faith as Example to Works Sal…
        • FCF: At root they added works to grace …..either
          • b/c they did not believe what God said!!! Or
          • b/c they did not believe God was able!!!
  • Need: What’s on the line is salvation itself…
  • Segue: Thus he begins with a…..
  1. A Gracious Guarantee

a)     Grace: 16a, “It [Abe’s Justification] is by faith, that it be by Grace!”

  • 4:3, 9, 22, 24 “Abe believed God ”
  • Occasion: “Certainly not Paul… too good to be true!!!”
  • Answer: **Lift the empty hands of faith with intent on miracle!

b)    Guarantee, 16b, “so that it would be Guaranteed to all who believe”

  • ***Abe’s faith example to guarantee to us…
  • Def:***Saving Faith = Faith in Jesus intent upon salvation
  • Segue: But we lack faith!!!
    • Q: What holds us back from faith intent upon salvation?
  1. The Competing Factors

a)     Factors: 19b “He contemplated….” i.e. thought about the factors against

  • His own and Sarah’s Bodies…
  • ***Factors for us! –Unflattering message… sinner
    • –2000 yrs ago baby God =died for sins…  
    • –Faith brings supernatural salvation!!!
    • EX: Secular Humanist Society of America… Scoff… jeer…

b)    Defeated Competitors: 19a, “Though without becoming weak in faith”

  • Ex: Sports… only one can win….
  • >>>Faith in God won out over doubt!!!
  • ***Our faith must defeat doubt…
  • Segue: how does faith overcome doubt? Self, scoffers, sinners???
  1. The Able God

a)     God’s Promise: 20, “The Promise of God…”

  • Ex: A man’s promise is only as good as the man who makes it
  • ***A Verbal Faith… promises meant to be trusted!
  • Tension: how does God overcome our doubts?

b)    The Promisor’s Ability: 21!!! “fully assured that  what God promised, He is able to perform”

  • >>>1718, “Raise the dead” “Bring forth the future”
  • ***The God Factor!!!
  • ***Missing from evangelism, churches, atheists, the fearful sinner
  • Segue… the God Factor leads us to the
  1. The Supernatural Example of Exchange

a)     Example: 22-24a, “For our sake…”….

  • Point: believe with intent upon salvation!!!
  • Tension: How does this become ours?

b)     Supernatural Exchange: 24b-25…

  • ***Our Sins to Jesus, his righteousness credited to us…

c)     Ex: Credit relief… debt doesn’t evaporate… someone must absorb it

d)    ***Miraculous Supernatural Exchange when we believe!

  • ***To Unbeliever….
    • Call: Faith in Christ with intent upon salvation…
    • Ex: Fiery Serpents… Staff with Serpent…  Look to the serpent for salvation
    • >>>Look to Jesus for Salvation
    • ***To Believer
      • Q: Do you lack assurance? Waiver in faith? Circumstances?
      • A: Don’t just believe the promise but the promisor!!!
      • ***God is Able!