Romans 5:12-21The Representatives Adam and Christ

Romans 5:12-21 The Great Theme of the Bible

  • Text:
    • Ex: Marriage… new standing… relate differently… to parents, to spouse… to IRS
      • >>>New Standing….
  • C. 5-8, New “Standing
    • 5:2a “…Grace in which we stand”
  • 5:12-21, The Terms of the Standing
  • Truth: Christ represents believers
    • **We stand in Christ as He stands for us
  • Main Q: Do you know your standing in Christ?
  • Need: w/o won’t know how to apply Christ…
    • Ex: Build house on shifting sand…
  • Point: **Know your standing in Christ
    • 1. Gospel Implication
    • 2. Parallel Representatives
    • 3. Great Reversal
  1. The Gospel Implication

a)     Implication:

  • 12a, “Therefore” – implication from last section
  • 5:2a, Our Standing in Grace and Peace
  • 5:11 Reconciled/peace to God in Christ
    • Standing example… as basis for obedience in Eph 4, Gal 2,

b)    Gospel

  • 12-21 about Adam – Gen 3, first man
  • >Interpret Adam by v.11Reconciliation
  • ***Interpret the whole OT by 5:11
  • Ex: Ikea box Furniture, instructions by picture versus number… G18 to G37
  • >>>Christ = Pictureinterpretation
  • ***Mis: uncertain b/c two messages… OT NT/ not united message… works versus grace?
  • ***Apostles preach Christ from OT!!!!
  • ***So should we!!! Reclaim Him…
  1. The Parallel Representatives

a)     Parallel

  • 12Parallel, 13-14Parenthesis, 15Resume
  • 12a, “Just as…” 15a “So even”
  • Translation Issue: 15a “But not as the trespass so even is  the free gift”
    • Resolves 12a From Parenthesis!!!
    • Translates οὕτως!
    • Word order right again…
    • Recaps 12a, “But not as”
    • Q: Why chage Translation? A: Bias!!!
    • ***human autonomy/self government
    • ***Cannot accept that our destiny determined by another!!!

b)    Representatives

  • 12 One Man = Adam (Gen 3)
  • 15 One Man = Jesus Christ!
  • >>They act on your behalf!!!
    • 12, Sin, condemn, death
    • 15, Act right, justify, life!
  • ***standing before God by representative
  • ***You stand before God in Adam or Christ
  • v.2, “by faith into his grace in which we stand!”
  1. The Result Reversal (Antithesis)

a)     Reversal

  • 15a “But not as the trespass” –
  • Parallel as Representative…
  • Direction/result reversed…
  • 16a, “Not Like”- same 17-21
  • Ex: Math word problem… two trucks leave Detroit at 65 mph in opposite directions… (Parallel but different)
  • >>>one truck leads to death, one life
  • Q: Which truck are you in?
  • Q: Who doesn’t like math word problems more now?

b)    Result

  • 15-21 Enumerates reversed results
    • 15, Sin v. Grace
    • 16-17, Sin by Birth v. Just by faith – “received” (17b)
    • 18, Justification v. Condemnation
    • 19, Sin Nature v. New Life/obey
    • 20, Law Condmen v. Enabled
    • 21, Death v. Eternal Life
    • Conclusion:
      • Truth/Thesis: Jesus is the representative
      • Point: Know your standing in Jesus!!!
      • ***Lack of Assurance… maybe committed unforgivable sin? Lost Salvation…
      • >>>>Open and Shut case, b/c stand in Christ!
      • >>>>Faith in His Standing for you!!!
      • ***Don’t see the reality of NT Religion…
        • Search in church, self, not find…
        • b/c too over-emphasis on initial conversion
          • When you “Got saved” not in whom you stand!!!
  • ***You must know where you stand…
  • You must know the implications of the Finished work of Christ for you life now!
  • Ex: 5-8 about that standing!!!
  •  ***Mis– Defense of “Free will”
    • “I am the captain of my own destiny”
    • Not According to the Bible…
    • You Stand before God in Christ or Adam…
    • Ex: Two Trucks leaving the station…