Matthew 21:1-17, Jesus Enters Jerusalem

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Jesus enters Jerusalem to be received by some, and rejected by others. Jesus fulfilled the OT prediction from Zechariah 14:4 to arrive in Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives in Bethphage. He shows himself to be the Divine King in Jerusalem for judgment. He then enter Jerusalem on the donkey’s colt to the reception of many crying out for supernatural salvation from him to the tune of Psalm 118:26, “Hosana” or “Save! Please!” He then entered the temple to denounce the elicit practices of the money changers and the priests, and called the priests out for not praying for the people in fulfillment of their ministry. Jesus then heals the crippled and blind, after which he is called upon by some little girls for salvation. The Pharisees reject him. He speaks the word to them from Psalm 8 about the legitimacy of children crying to God in praise. But they reject Him, and He left the city of Jerusalem to stay in the city of Bethany.

How it is strange that many read this passage and think, “The Lord was rejected by those evil Pharisees, and that same crowd who praise Him turned on him. I am so glad that would never happen to us! We would never reject the Lord if he came in judgment.” I don’t know. Would we not? If he came with his Word in a Sermon Sunday after Sunday, and if we thought, “I don’t like what that has to say” – would we not be rejecting Jesus, who came with his word, and came to purify worship?

The implication then is that we must always hear his Word with faith, and prayerfully cry out, “Lord, your judgment is right. Save me! Please!” Or else we reject not only His word, but Him, just like he chief priests did.