If one considers the beatitudes of Jesus, “Blessed are the poor” etc, they have a logical double edge. The positive side cuts through doubt with hope, the other logically negative side cuts through false hope and warns of certain judgment. Here is how it would sound.

God’s blessing rests upon those who pursue the Kingdom Christ earned. That is why he says, blessed are they who are poor, sorrowful, gentle, hungry, merciful, pure, peacemaking, righteous, and who speak the prophetic truth. They are blessed in spite of the meekness, in spite of the poverty. They are blessed because God gives them the kingdom. He gives them the kingdom because they pursue and speak righteousness. Thus, the blessing of God controls all things. They may lose all now, but gain that which lasts forever. They gain through clear minded faith that God promised the kingdom to such as these.

Likewise, God curses those who do not pursue the kingdom, but with selfish cowardice pursue riches, happiness, might, full bellies, revenge, satisfaction of desires, a sense of superiority for being right in conflict, self-service rather than justice, and truth only insofar as it is convenient for his/herself. Instead of the pursuit of righteousness, they pursue self.

If it can be said, blessed are those who become poor because they pursue righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. It can also be said, cursed are those who pursue riches as the end goal of life. Cursed are those who pursue happiness at the expense of selfless love, for they have no part in God’s kingdom. Cursed are those who seek power in this life, for they will be cut out of the inheritance of the Kingdom. Cursed are those who hunger and thirst for full bellies now more than righteousness. For, man does not live on bread alone. Cursed are those who plot and engage in revenge, for they shall receive revenge on the Day of Judgment. Cursed are those who have impure motives of the heart, for God sees everything in them and will hold them accountable. Cursed are those who stir up strife, drama, conflict, hatred, for God will assure them at the end of the age, “You are not my children.” Cursed are those who want to be safe and so will go along with society’s ethical norms, for they have no part in the kingdom of heaven. Cursed are those intellectual cowards who refuse to listen, intellectually engage, tolerate, entertain and argue with truth, because those are the same ignorant people who persecuted the prophets of the Old and New Testament, the ancient church, the protestant reformers, and the persecuted church worldwide today.