The Third Commandment

The Third Commandment In his short instruction on Rules of Civility George Washington wrote, “When you speak of God or his Attributes, let it be seriously.” This sensitivity to the person and attributes of God is largely lost on sinful humanity. We naturally know how to curse, not how to speak reverently. What we know … Continue reading The Third Commandment

The Second Commandment

Decalogue 3 – The Second Commandment God liberated his people out of Egypt, which is a pattern for how he delivered his people out of bondage to the old master of sin. He then outlined Israel’s duty in covenant with himself in the first commandment, which pertained to the Godward mind. All of life is … Continue reading The Second Commandment

The First Commandment

Ten Commandments 2 – The First Commandment Ethics from God In the last section we discovered that the scientific study of what the scriptures principally teach is summarized in two terms, dogmatics and ethics. Dogmatics refers to the study of beliefs to be held as presented in the scriptures. Ethics refers to the study of … Continue reading The First Commandment