How we Secretly Switched to Psalms Only

At our church, we are fairly liturgical. We are not Book-of-Common-Order-high-church, but we have a liturgy, we have all the elements, and we sing Scripture, we confess the faith, we fight the good fight. Nevertheless, our session ran into this pastoral problem: people like certain styles of music and they want them in worship even … Continue reading How we Secretly Switched to Psalms Only


Questions about Ceremonial Dietary Laws

I recently received a question about ceremonial laws. The question is whether ceremonial laws from the OT, e.g., dietary laws, the Saturday Sabbath, and circumcision are presently valid for Christians today. The question revolves around the practice of the first Christians in Jerusalem who continued to keep the kosher laws (Acts 10:14), worshipped on Saturday … Continue reading Questions about Ceremonial Dietary Laws